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Coffee Bean Trading Company started in early 2019, but has a history in the art of Coffee Roasting that spans back two generations.

Albert developed his skill of specially crafted Artisan Coffee Roasting in northern Italy back in the late 1940’s , and later migrated to Melbourne, Australia. This skill was then passed onto his son John to continue in his love and tradition of old fashioned coffee roasting, and together with the help of Angela Brianni (Owner) we can now bring to you that cup of goodness in Adelaide.

Our love of coffee is made with passion and we are meticulous in sourcing quality premium beans from all over the world to bring to you a cup of coffee to share in our love of coffee.

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If you are a food service business and are interested in offering a great tasting coffee to help grow your business, please get in touch with us. We are more than happy to discuss and collaborate with you and discuss options available that can help grow your business. Our service is offered on a National basis and we can deliver anywhere in Australia.

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If you are a coffee guru, hipster or business owner and feel like getting a bit creative we can also offer our contract coffee roasting service to you, just contact us to discuss options.

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We have just launched our limited edition - Columbia & Guatemala blend. We sourced the finest beans from the high altitude of Columbia & Guatemala. Tastes Profile Toffee, warm spice, chocolate and caramel. Available in 250g, 500g, and 1kg Sizes - 250g, 500g,...

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6 Coffee Myths we all have wrong!

6 Coffee Myths we all have wrong!

There are so many myths out there when it comes to coffee, even the biggest coffee lover thinks they know it all.  One popular myth is that coffee will help you poop like there's no tomorrow, well actually that one is true. I decided I would do a little research to...

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Which coffee blend do I choose?

Which coffee blend do I choose?

We all have different preferences when it comes to the taste of our coffee. Some like it light, sweet with milk. Otherwise (like me) like it dark, strong and bold. One thing I know is that no one likes a bitter coffee. Why would they? There is nothing worse. The...

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What can we offer your business?

What can we offer your business?

Are you tired of drinking the same old coffee day in day out? Is your coffee machine telling you it’s time to move on? Chances are you have answered yes to one of these questions and that is why you have continued to read on….. I hear it all the time, “we need better...

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