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What can we offer your business?

By coffeebean92 On
July 10, 2019

Are you tired of drinking the same old coffee day in day out?

Is your coffee machine telling you it’s time to move on?

Chances are you have answered yes to one of these questions and that is why you have continued to read on…..

I hear it all the time, “we need better coffee at work”, “the coffee at work is horrible”, I feel for you; I couldn’t imagine working everyday and not having a deliciously smooth coffee to start AND finish my day ?

Well, what if i said you don’t have to imagine any more, and that we offer competitive wholesale coffee pricing and coffee machines to suit your business needs. I know, sounds like a sales pitch right. I promise, its not.

We just want every one to drink amazing coffee. There is something about the taste and aroma of a well roasted coffee that makes every thing seem that little bit more better. Even if its for the that small moment while i drink my espresso, I know it is definitely worth it.

Do you feel the love we are trying to share? I know you do and that is why it is so special to buy directly from the roaster. We roast our own coffee; in fact, the blends we offer are an old family recipe from Italy, dating back two generations.

Are you still reading?…. you need to click the wholesale button…not tempted enough…

Oh I see, you need to read more….

How about, support a local South Australian based business and give your espresso the punch it needs. Give yourself that little moment of happiness within the stresses of every day work.

Your staff and customers will love you for it ?


Written By: Simone Malallah

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